What Is Glacae?

Great Question. Let me explain.

Rewind back to 2010- about 12 years ago when Bitcoin was 1 year old, Obama had only been a US president for 2 years and a few high schoolers were deciding to make their own country. Glacae. Back then it was just a little project between a few kids that used the excuse of a micronation to explore concepts of politics, economics, government policy, and so on in a fun environment. So on May 14, 2010 Glacae was founded. Within a few months an anthem, a flag, a constitution, citizens, currency, and ID cards were created and a variety of future plans were laid out. That December Glacae would temporarily also be used to pursue the concept of a lobbying organization for fellow micronations.

Over the next 12 years what Glacae stood for would morph as the project progressed in fits and starts but today in 2022 we as Glacaean citizens are trying to make it into something more.

On May 14th 2022 we’re celebrating the 12th anniversary of the Federation of Glacae.

We have a dream to create a community-centered quasi-nation building project with a goal to acquire massive amounts of physical and virtual land across the world. We want to build a community by teaching valuable skills,, shared ethics and out-of-the-box training all through the guise of a fun nation-building project. We believe that the Federation of Gracie can succeed not only today but as an organization with a purpose for many years to come. So whether you’re one of the fantastic members of our community known as residents and citizens or if you’re simply just curious about what it’s all about, we thank you for stopping by and encourage you to learn more below!

What is the Government?

What are Glacae’s future plans?