Glacaean government institutions are-

  • The Consulate which creates strategy and leads the plan for Glacae.
  • The Senate which checks and controls the reach of the Consulate, provides wisdom and quality checking to the Consulate’s plans, and is an invaluable source of ideas.
  • The Praetorate which runs the various public programs of Glacae as seen below:
    • National Defense Program┬ádevelops self defense training, home defense training, and safe and reasonable use of defense protocols.
    • Emergency Management Program explores preparedness for thriving in manmade and natural disasters whether at your residence or away from home.
    • Natural Resources Program explores sustainable independence, self sufficiency and ecological preservation and diversity management.
    • Economic Resources Program explores increasing personal wealth and prosperity
    • Human Resources Program explores the organization, administration, and welfare of citizens and residents.
    • Public Works Program explores the creation and maintenance of shared systems and services.
  • The Court which mediates conflicts and extends judgements for wrongdoing.